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the Artist

About the Artist

Stacey Williams-Ng is a multidisciplinary artist from Memphis, Tennessee. Stacey is a native Southerner and takes great pride in researching the various traditions and legends of the South in order to add depth and meaning to her divination product line. She’s been interested in magic, symbolism, esoteric folklore and tarot for as long as she can remember.

Stacey is also a mural painter, and has painted murals in several cities. Says the artist, “I like finding ways to make art accessible to everyone, rather than just being on a framed canvas in a room somewhere.”

Stacey’s LinkedIn learning class, “Storytelling for Designers,” has been viewed by over 40,000 students in 17 countries. Stacey is a 10th-generation American Southerner, a mother of two, a dog person, a pretty decent cook, and a roller skater. 

Card decks about
Southern folklore & magic

Stacey’s debut oracle deck was the Southern Gothic Oracle. After its successful campaign on Kickstarter, card readers and reviewers expressed their love for the cards, and how unique they are in the greater lineup of Oracle card decks. With hand-painted illustrations and evocative prompts, the Southern Gothic Oracle is a must-have for readers interested in delving deep into Southern folklore and magic. This oracle deck presents objects and symbols rooted in the various spiritual belief systems prevalent in the American South: a potent mix of Mid-South traditions, Ozark wisdom, Appalachian legends, Biblical scripture, and Hoodoo. The follow-up deck is the Southern Botanic Oracle, which will feature images and symbols derived from the plants of the South. Stacey is currently at work on both the Botanic deck and a Southern-Gothic-themed Tarot.