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Green Oak Leaf Altar Cloth


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This poly-silk altar cloth (or headscarf) serves as the perfect accessory to your Southern Botanic Oracle, or nature-themed tarot deck. With a card-shaped motif in the center for deck placement, with surrounding flowers and leaves, this luxuriously silky cloth is a must-have. The damask pattern is original and contains little symbols from nature. Designed by artist Stacey Williams-Ng. The oak leaf design matches the Southern Botanic Oracle.

At 21″ square, it’s also the standard bandana/scarf site and wears beautifully as a head scarf or silky headband.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 2 cm
Customer Testimonials
Kaitlyn Alabama

Absolutely beautiful cards steep with Southern history and folklore.

Ellen California

This is a beautiful deck and I'm enjoying getting to know it. The guidebook is well done.

John Indiana

Amazing art! Being southern, these are all things I heard growing up.

Teresa Washington

Absolutely gorgeous, atmospheric deck and received super fast!

Paul New Jersey

Very nice deck of cards. The images most definitely transports you to the South. The entire deck has that unmistakable southern charm.

Desirée Florida

As a native Southerner this deck spoke to my heart, the good and bad parts of our history which mirror our dark and light sides.

Sharon Utah

The Haunts is a great addition to the Southern Gothic oracle. So excited to back the Southern Botanical on Kickstarter soon!!!!!!

Myra Alabama

Beautiful deck. Exactly what I was hoping it would be! Thanks

Sharon Louisiana

I am from Louisiana so this deck really resonates with me. Captures the essence of The South so much better than any other deck I have seen so far.